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Simplify Business Continuity!

Backup everything in 10 minutes

That’s how long it takes to download, install and configure our sofware backup & DR solution to backup all your physical and virtual machines!

Automated backup tests

Ensure on-premises and Cloud backup files are not only sucessfully created but aslo consistent and bootable.

Reduce downtime to 5 minutes

All organisations benefit from our various restore features at no extra cost to be up and running 5 minutes after any type of disaster.

Why you should switch

Agentless is more

Simplify VM backup strategies

Agentless backup of all virtual machines on Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESX hypervisors.

Accelerates installation, configuration and management of Business Continuity processes as well as improve performances of the VMs.

1 solution for all

Same interface and features for SMBs and larger companies, Windows and Linux, physical and virtual platforms.

Alleviates technicians and optimise their time and knowledge.

1 solution for all

Flexible restore options

Different restore capabilities to suit all budgets and infrastructures and to allow more flexibility in your backup/DR services.

  • Recover files & folders using iSCSi in seconds,
  • Boot backups in free virtual environments in 5 minutes,
  • Create a standby VM as an additional security and boot it, reboot it, test it at any time,
  • Restore and virtualise to/from any hardware and common hypervisors.

Backup security is our priority!

Backups you cannot restore are useless. We are there to advise you on how to best protect files from disasters and cyberattacks! We guide you through DR scenarios for backup file never to get encrypted via tech tips documentation and active strategic alliances to provide your clients effective Cloud Email Protection and Cloud Email Archiving service while better protecting their data and assets.

  • Smooth integration with all BCDR strategies: Local, Cloud, Hybrid.
  • Unlimited replication of backup files to unlimited targets at no extra costs.
  • Includes automated backup bootability tests on all locations.
  • Affordable backup and DR solution including all Business Continuity modules.
  • Flexible licencing: outright, yearly subscription, monthly MSP.
  • Attracting Channel Partner margins.
  • ...and of course, we help you in implementing efficient backup strategies, Disaster Recover Plans, configurations, etc..
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Our channels partners feedback

Best backup speed even when the deduplication compression is enabled, out of the many solutions we have tested and used.

ActiveImage Protector is the backup and DR solution for and chosen by our technicians!



IT Reseller

We have installed Actiphy backup solutions at more than 60 clients over the last years and never ran into major issues. Support and Sales teams are always there to assist our technicians for pre and post-sales questions.

ComptNet GmbH

ComptNet GmbH

SAP Business One partner

We have worked with Acronis, StorageCraft, Veeam and have switched to ActiveImage Protector initially for the business terms offers to IT channel partners but I am now committed to this solution for the unconditional support we have received. Actiphy’s support team are real Backup & DR experts, with real life experience and a brain to sort any possible issues a technician can ran into.



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