Verify backups automatically

Over 90% of companies do not properly test backup files!

Everyone does backup. Backups can be a life saver for companies! However, backups that cannot be restored are of NO USE!

You may not have time to sit down once a month to simulate an entire disaster and check if latest backup files can be restored! You may have even less the time to operate such process for all the systems you are managing.

New technologies can help you and make sure your backup files are 99.9998% restorable! Better than nothing, don't you think?

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Automate backup tests

What do we test automatically?

Save time with new techologies

What do we use for it? How are we different?

Reknown backup companies are able to offer you automated tasks to test backup creation and backup consistency. However, we are different in also offering you the possibility to test backup file "bootability".

Indeed, a successfully created consistent backup file can have boot issues. Without the possibility to boot a backup file, you will not be able to boot the "new" or "repaired" machine easily if at all.

Automate backup bootability tests with BootCheck: After creation, backup files (full or incremental) are automatically booted as a VM up to the login details. Upon successful operation, the automatically created VM is deleted. Alternatively, you are notified in case of failure.

99.9998% security is not enough? Want 100%?

We will also tell you all about it and how you can be even more sure all aspects of backup testing are covered.

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