Actiphy Portal Service (APS)

  • New web-console
  • Monitor all clients' backup jobs
  • FREE tool
  • No additional paid module necessary
  • Perfect for IT Resellers / MSPs and/or multi-site companies
Actiphy Portal Service

Start monitoring backups in the Cloud!

How to use Actiphy Portal Service!

  1. Get your Actiphy Portal Service login details by filling in the above form.
  2. If you are using ActiveImage Protector 2022, jump directly to next step.
    If you are using ActiveImage Protector 2018, install ActiveImage Protector Version 5.11.6665 on the machines to monitor and add this patch (download it here)
  3. Log into;and start configuring it, create additional APS' users
    Should you need any help, use the APS tutorial or watch the video below.